Yogis practice in Elk's Park Telluride

The Telluride Yoga Festival Media Application is for media representatives such as newspapers, webzines, blogs, radio, and magazines as well as independent and freelance photographers and video crews. Registrants will be alerted by June 1st if their application is accepted. Pre-festival coverage is REQUIRED of all attending media and will be considered as part of the application process, however, it does not guarantee acceptance of your press application.

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Media Name
Please only list one site per application. Do not apply for media credentials for a news outlet that you will not be published/on air before or directly following the festival.
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Your Name
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On-Site Cell Phone
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Media passes are non-transferrable.
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Requirements:* I understand that by acquiring complimentary passes to the 2017 Telluride Yoga Festival that there may be certain media requirements and objectives including pre-press promoting the event and attendance to the on-site press conference on Saturday. I understand that as a photographer, I will be required to take a set number of photos for our sponsors, guests and team, and that I will be required to turn in a minimum of 20 photos each day at the official media tent, to be posted on the Telluride Yoga Festival social sites, during the festival. I understand that media credentials may not guarantee backstage access and I will not harass the safety staff working over the weekend, to try and get there. And, I promise to have a damn good time, while remaining professional and totally awesome during the event.