Become a Super Yogi in Your Life

According to common belief, anyone who practices physical yoga is considered a yogi. However, as yogis we are also defined by the depth of our practice and its application in everyday life.

Super Yogis, as I call them, practice yoga in its purest form, which goes beyond the fancy poses and yoga mat tricks. They inspire themselves and others to continuously look for a deeper truth to the “reality” around them - a task that is highly demanding, but also highly rewarding by offering the keys to living a fulfilling and happy life.

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But how does one become a Super Yogi? The answer will depend on you as only you can define its meaning as it relates to your life. It will require much reflection starting with an honest assessment of where you are in your life right now.

The first thing to evaluate is where your life is taking you. It truly doesn’t matter how aware you are about it in this exact moment; what does matter is the direction you’re headed. Consider a straight horizontal line: the left point of the line is “0” and the right point of the line is “100.” The “0” symbolizes complete ignorance of your true Self and of the truth, while “100” symbolizes a completely self-realized being. Everyone in this world is existing somewhere on the spectrum. One person may be at a 30, unaware of their truths, and another may be at a 60, having a deeper understanding of the truth that lies within ourselves. The most important aspect of this line is NOT where you are (whether at 30 or 60), but whether or not you’re moving into the right direction. Specifically, are you taking actions that help you get closer to your true Self or do the decisions you make hinder your ability to grow?

To help answer this question, ask yourself the following and see which areas may require more of your attention …

  1. Am I studying the ancient yoga teachings consistently every day that is helping me find clarity in my life and in my relationships?

  2. Am I able to questions what I’m studying in a way that helps me think critically for myself?

  3. Am I maintaining curious and in wonderment about the world around me and how it all functions?

  4. Are my yoga practices and studies helping me get more rational and practical instead of making me more impulsive with my emotions?

Once you’ve assessed yourself, you’ll be able to consciously cultivate these important characteristics for Super Yogi-ness in your life… and truly develop your spirituality!

  1. Be introverted. This means you are willing to go within for your answers. You don’t depend on others for your truth and path.

  2. Have shradda. This means you have conviction to follow through on your practice, discipline and commitment.

  3. Live for a higher ideal. This means that you are aware that there’s something beyond this life we were given and are willing to study it, understand it, and follow it… without having physical proof.

  4. Serve selflessly. This means that your ego is no longer controlling your actions or desires. You understand your purpose is to give back and so you do so with all your heart, mind and body.

The trick to becoming a Super Yogi in your life is NOT to become an enlightened being, but to just live daily in pursuit of this truth and higher ideal. Though it may take practice and reflection, we are all true Super Yogis already, we just have to realize it.



Rina Jakubowicz is known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to yoga. She is an international bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, and author. She has been a teacher of teachers for over eleven years, presenting at Kripalu Center, Wanderlusts, Himalayan Institute, Omega Institute, Yoga Journal Conferences as well as in countries across the globe such as Chile, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Andorra.