Post-Thanksgiving Cleanse from Mas Vidal

Here’s a simple cleanse that everyone can do after Thanksgiving to remove all the excess indulgence from the body and senses. The Thanksgiving Holiday is about expressing gratitude for all that we have and realizing all that we can give back to others although for many these days are filled with over-eating, boozing and tons of meaningless social chatter.

The Yoga and Ayurveda traditions give us wonderful practices for staying in balance, physically and mentally and can afford us much natural inner gratitude for our life. One to two days after Thanksgiving a simple cleanse-fast on juices and teas is an excellent and effective means for realigning our mind-body relationship.

In the morning drink 1-2 cups of hot water with 1 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper, 1 teaspoon of ghee (clarified butter) and a pinch of black salt, this will help to remove excess kapha (phlegm) from the stomach and lungs. Then for late breakfast drink one glass of fresh orange juice with ground almonds or use almond butter in a blender. During the rest of the day you can drink some fresh pressed green juices and end your day with a vegetable soup. Its important to drink plenty of warm water while doing a juice fast so to avoid dehydration.  Fresh ginger or other herbal teas like tulsi are excellent additions to your cleanse. One can take a small amount of the classic formula Triphala (herbal laxative) to promote intestinal cleansing and strengthen the digestive organs.

Such simple cleanses after Thanksgiving can bring us greater energy, lightness of body and improve the mind-body relationship that is so vital to health and wellness.” Do good, feel good and others may follow your example to attain health and healing.

~ Mas Vidal