2019 Session Descriptions

PLEASE READ!  This form will be used to describe your classes and create our schedule.  Please fill out this form as many times as you have been contracted sessions.  If you have several options you'd like for us to choose from, you may either fill this form out more than the number of sessions you've been contracted for and we will make our selections that best compliment other offerings, the schedule, etc. or email me, Erika, to discuss prior to filling out your session forms.  All sessions are required to be submitted no later than Friday, December 21st when we start creating the schedule.

Keep in mind that well-written, creative, and unique titles & descriptions are key to ensuring well attended classes.  Feel free to visit http://www.tellurideyogafestival.com/schedule for ideas from last year's festival or contact Erika above for any input.

Thank you SO much.  It is YOU that makes TYF shine.  We cannot wait to celebrate our 12th annual festival with you!

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Your Name
Co-Presenter Name (if any)
Co-Presenter Name (if any)
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Please select the session category you'd like your session to be listed under. Select preferable 1 and not more than 2. Thanks!
Music Info *
Will your session have music? If so, please provide us details. Keep in mind that we will do our best to pair you with a DJ or musician per request, but these are requests only.
Session Length *
Please indicate if this session would be best as a workshop or class and the length
Session Level *
You absolutely don't need to affiliate with a style/lineage, but you are more than welcome to if you'd like. Many attendees appreciate knowing the lineage which you draw from (i.e. Kundalini, Yin, etc.)
Max 60 characters, no CAPS please, the more juicy and unique, the better!
Please keep this description to 2-4 sentences that gives attendees a glimpse of what to expect, but not everything!
Please use percentages to describe how much discussion vs. asana or meditation, etc. attendees should expect in your session (i.e. 80% asana, 20% discussion)
If your class has audio needs, please make any requests here for audio equipment outside what is typically provided. Standard Equipment: 1 wireless headset mic, 2 speakers and 1 jack for playing playlists. Please include any additional audio/setup info you might need (i.e. I will need to be able to plug in my guitar, I'd like another wireless mic for a musician, etc.) Musicians please provide how many inputs and extra mics & stands needed for each session. Set ups that only need one or two hookups (sub mixers where many things are being hooked up) are encouraged for expediency to other presenters. When in session, please return systems to the state they found them in when they do their own hook ups and adjustments so that the next session is not impacted. Any presenters using a projector and/or screen should bring their own adapters for computers if necessary. Only HDMI cables will be provided.
Venue Location and Prop Request
Please let us know if you have any venue location requests or prop needs. Keep in mind that these are requests and we will do our best to accommodate them but please be flexible!
Day Request
If you have travel considerations or feel strongly about when this session should be offered, please indicate that here, otherwise, leave it blank. We cannot guarantee session requests, but will do our best to accommodate!
Time Request
If you feel strongly about when this session should be offered, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your requests but again, will do our best to accommodate.
Please use this field to describe anything else you'd like us to know for this session.